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What Do Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump,
Michael Jordan & Richard Branson have in common?

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Building My Personal Brand Was
My Best Business Decision – Ever!

As an entrepreneur, making it a priority to build my own personal brand has quite frankly turned out to be the best business move I’ve made in my entire career – and I don’t say that lightly, believe me.

round_imageIn today’s business world people want to do business with other people more so than ever before! This is why you need you to be focusing on building a brand. Why? Because we trust and like people we know. We believe and ‘buy in’ to people that we have relationships with.

But, most of all… we’re more likely to to do business with people we know, like and trust!

Building your Brand is SMART because it:

  • Creates awareness of what we, as entrepreneurs and our business stand for.
  • Gives us opportunities to become liked and followed consistently.
  • Elevates our credibility, because we embrace being ‘out there’ for the world to find.
  • Allows us to gain trust – which ultimately leads to more business!

Having a personal brand also empowers us to be
100% in control of our earning potential!

Through the brand I’ve worked hard to build up over the last few years:

  • ent-magI’ve become the go-to source in my niche / industry.
  • I’ve been featured, twice, in Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • I’ve launched and catapulted a speaking career.
  • I’ve landed a traditional book deal.
  • I’ve massed a huge social media following.
  • I’ve gained over 35,000+ unique readers on my blog monthly.
  • I’ve been interviewed on every major business podcast.
  • Plus much, much more!

john testimonialChris’ expertise in branding has been invaluable to me in launching the Online Learning Podcast. He takes a straightforward, no BS approach and I strongly recommend you take any opportunity to learn from him – you’d be mad not to!
John Colley,

Discover why you should make building a brand a priority now,
unless you want to continue to struggle as a solopreneur!

You can do all of this for yourself, and your business with a little hard work, and by making the right decisions along the way. Decisions that I learned (sometimes!) the hard way, and by a ton of trail and error, all so that YOU now don’t have to!

Branding Bootcamp Bundle .

I’m Excited to Announce the Launch of My

branding bootcamp module list

Module #1 – Why You Need to Create Your Brand

Learn about the ‘P2P Philosophy’ that I’ve built my brand on, and why it’s paramount in today’s market, as well as the importance of creating a fan base and exactly what that fan base will do for you, for years to come.

Module #2 – Getting Ready to Launch Your Brand

In this module you’ll figure out what your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is, why it’s so important to have a clearly defined ‘focus’ for your brand, as well as how to incorporate some design elements into your overall brand.

Module #3 – Leveraging Content Marketing to Build Your Brand

Blogging, Podcasting, Online Video and more. Content is what it’s all about, and it’s the reason why people will fall in love with your brand. Here I show you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating and marketing your content.

Module #4 – Using Social Media to Market Your Brand

The ability to communicate with your audience in real-time is awesome. In this module I break down the importance of having a presence on all the major social channels (but picking just two to focus on) and being consistent everywhere.

Module #5 – How to Make Money from Your Brand

We’re building our personal brand to eventually earn a living from it, right? To get speaking gigs, book deals, sponsorships and more from all our hard work. This module lays out all the different ways you can make money from your brand.

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bernd testimonialChris is a top notch expert on personal branding and on growing your online influence. With his excellent coaching I was able to successfully grow my online platform significantly. I highly recommend working with him!
Bernd Geropp,

meronBefore Chris, my branding was non-existent and business was going in 100 different directions. Chris helped me solve the puzzle, and create a solid personal brand that’s unique, clear, and profitable.
Meron Bareket,

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 1.11.13 PM



There’s no doubt that building your own brand is a lot of work. However, once it’s been done, you’ve got to continually stay active in your niche to consistently grow your fan base, and create opportunities. Hard work and success only breeds more work! Having a virtual assistant makes it easier to handle the in’s and outs of managing (and continuing to grow) your brand on a day-to-day basis. This additional module will help you get started the right way!



One of the best ways to become successful in business and life is to look at how others have done it before you. That’s exactly what I did when I set out to build my own brand. Natalie Sisson, Pat Flynn, Jaime Tardy and John Lee Dumas – some of the best known names in the online business world tell their stories and unveil their tips and tactics to building an awesome brand!

biz of you banner

business of you keynote

Filmed with multiple cameras at New Media Expo in January 2014, this was the first time I presented this session in front of a live audience. Detailing the importance of building a personal brand with a focus on the P2P marketing principle, of building real relationships with real people, the session was a runaway success and has since become one of my most requested keynotes from event organizers around the world. Running at just under an hour, this session solidifies all of the content contained in the course, plus has some hilarious moments that I know you’ll enjoy!

julie testimonialChris is a game-changer. I say ‘Chris’ and not his ‘product’ because HE is the ‘special ingredient’ in any recipe. Thanks to his branding advice I changed the focal point of my online business completely, which proved to be the smartest move I have ever made!
Julie Sheranosher, I’


kerwin mcChris’ solid branding advice has helped me to increase my overall brand awareness in the travel niche. Plus, my newsletter subscription conversions increased to 12% (up from 2%) in just three months since implementing his recommendations and strategies.
Kerwin McKenzie –

ferndogNot long ago I was going down a dozen dead end streets with no idea of how find my way to business success, or personal happiness. Then Chris Ducker came into my life and delivered me the exact branding road map I had been searching for, via his trademark kick in the pants!
Fernando Camacho –

rob cubbonIn a crowded and noisy world, branding is essential to developing the online reputation necessary for your success. If you’re going to learn from anyone about it, you may as well go to one of the few masters of branding – Chris Ducker. 
Rob Cubbon –

jozsefWith all the noise in the online space, Chris is one of only a few online branding experts that has built his presence using the techniques he teaches. Who better to learn about personal branding, than from someone who truly practices what he preaches?!
Jozsef Kiss –


img-guarantee30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you’re not at all happy with the Branding Bootcamp course content and it’s amazing bonuses,
just let me know via email within 30-days of purchasing, and I’ll grant you a 100% refund. No questions asked.